Jerusalem Around the Table

Family activity Kit for

Jerusalem Day


How does it work?

This kit was a labor of love created to mark Jerusalem day in a fun, hands-on way!

This booklet acts as a "Jerusalem liberation day Haggada" and is designated for the leader of the activity in the feast. In addition and in parallel, we add a table runner that will escort the process for the rest of the guests.

On the booklet and on the table runner there are barcodes in the QR code method to be scanned from a mobile phone that link you to songs, video clips and various activities of the program.

In addition there are reading sections and pictures in the booklet that will help you send across the gist and experience in an organized and meaningful way.

This kit contains:

● Activity book

● Table runner for your Jerusalem Day meal

● Lion mask

● Worksheet for creating a family crest

● Activity cards with the names of Jerusalem

Printable finger puppets

Kit download or read the activity book on line

(It is recommended to log in via computer and not via mobile)

Print the activity booklet here
Print the kit here
Print Jerusalem Cookbook here

This kit was created as part of our series - "Kit for Jewish Holidays", in collaboration with the Zionist Organization and the Department for Religious Services in the Diaspora.

Olam-Shalem develops multiage educational programs in Jerusalem and was responsible for the content and the pedagogical aspect of this brochure.

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